Glow Up Herbal Navel Oil – For Glowing Skin



Medy365 Glow Up Herbal Navel/ Nabhi Oil is the latest addition to our range of Natural Ayurvedic products. It helps to reduce acne, dark spots & scars. One of its great property is that it helps in repairing damaged skin. Its antioxidant action helps in reducing pigmentation & makes skin tone even.

Ingredients & Uses:
  1. It contains Neem Oil which helps treat dry skin & wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen production. Neem Oil helps in reducing scars, healing wounds & treating acne.
  2. Rich Almond Oil helps in reducing puffiness & under-eye circles. It also improves complexion & skin tone. Almond Oil improves acne, helps reverse sun damage & also reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks.
  3. Mustard Oil keeps the skin healthy & glowing by reducing acne & rashes. It also reduces tan, lightens dark spots & pigmentation.
Weight 30 kg


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