About Medy365

Who We Are

Our aim is to provide the best Ayurvedic products with scientific methods. We have experience of around 61 years in the Ayurvedic business. Our ancestors were doctors (vaids) of Maharaja Families. Using their experience and formulas about herbs and medicines, we are now providing people with ancient and proven formulations. Products are manufactured from WHO GMP approved units, using the latest technology.

“Our Promise Is To Provide The Best Of Ayurveda”

Company CEO

Shreyansh Jain, Chief Executive of Medy365, an Ayurvedic company dealing in pure and genuine Ayurvedic products. Having completed his schooling from a boarding school namely Pinegrove School, Kasauli has equipped himself with qualities like discipline and self-sufficiency since early childhood. He has commendable leadership qualities and carries strong communication skills.

He has completed four years of his bachelor in Pharmacy from a reputed institution, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh and is a licensed practitioner of Pharmacy. He has resourceful insight in both Ayurvedic and Allopathic companies which are Plutas Healthcare and Santrix Pharma respectively. Side by side he also has a family business dealing with the wholesale market of medicines. His father, Mr Rajiv Jain has inspired him the most to start his business venture by inculcating in him the willingness to take calculated risks and having a vision for the business. Apart from this, he also enjoys playing basketball and also has an inclination towards the sneaker culture.

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